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LyfNest assists you with amazing choices of custom designs for your home and lets you choose the ones that reflects your personality & choice

Rapid Home Furnishing


LyfNest builds your furnishings in its state of art facility and assembles at your location to minimize turnaround time and on-site disruption

Home Decor Products


LyfNest carefully designs & manufactures number of products that have great utility & save space, to fit your home's needs. Choose your favorite items & experiment!

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 LyfNest mission is to build world's largest database of living space improvement ideas which are localized, targeted that inspire ideas & actions in customers. LyfNest is not just a website to get your interiors done, its a platform that converges top Suppliers, Professionals & Customers to ideate, select and create a living space of lifetime.


Where we are going


Our goal is to change the way home design is thought about, in a humble way.

LyfNest has been put together by group of passionate individuals, who once found it hard to find quality interiors professionals & products. They decided to solve this problem by themselves to offer world class products & services that delight customers...